Datacenter People introduced CNet’s Competency and Confidence Assessment Modelling (CCAM®) Tool as part of the recruitment and screening process for candidates for data center technician and site supervisor roles across the world.

Datacenter People has acquired the rights to utilize CCAM as a way to determine the knowledge, skills, competency, and confidence levels for each candidate.  It provides real-time analysis and can help to identify, manage, and mitigate people risk within a data center environment. The tool can uncover skills, knowledge, and ability gaps and highlight topic areas that might need additional training, professional development, or further support.

The assessment tool asks the individuals to answer situational judgement questions, which can determine each person’s knowledge and confidence gaps, providing essential information to potential employers.

The recruitment team will assess candidates using CCAM during the second stage of the interview process. The client will receive a detailed report from the CNet team that will display the individual’s levels of competence and confidence throughout the assessment criteria. CCAM is currently available in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. It is supported by a team of psychologists and operates within International Test Commission guidelines.  It provides organizations with a greater understanding of their potential new or existing employees as well as being able to assess the development and investment that may be required for each of the candidates.

With the data center sector suffering a skills shortage, CCAM will allow recruiters to consider individuals from other industries.

“Datacenter People is continuously looking for innovative solutions to make it easier for our clients to find just the right candidate for the job,” said Steve Brown, managing director of Datacenter People. “Our strategy has always been to offer services that are specific for the data center sector, and this is what differentiates ourselves from traditional recruitment firms. We saw how successful the CCAM is within organizations and teams to work toward everyone meeting the same confidence and competency levels, and we wanted to offer it to clients as part of the recruitment process. The comprehensive report that we will give to clients about the candidates will be invaluable. This in-depth analysis of the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and competency gaps will not only pinpoint exactly where development is needed, but, it will also allow our clients work closely with CNet to plan the relevant professional development activities that are needed to plug these gaps and further enhance their teams.”

“We are delighted that Datacenter People has recognized the importance of the CCAM assessment tool and that they have decided to adopt it as part of their recruiting process,” said Andrew Stevens, CEO and president, CNet Training. “Being available in the seven languages allows the team at Datacenter People to utilize the tool with their global clients, which supports the CNet ethos of creating a legacy and standardization of knowledge across the global industry. People are the biggest risk to a data center and so organizations must have the best teams in place. Unfortunately, we find that highly confident people often disguise their competency behind their confidence. Steve and his team at Datacenter People will be able to utilize the CCAM to enable clients to highlight the candidate’s level of confidence and competency and fill any gaps. It’s also a great opportunity for organizations to potentially see the value in candidates from different sectors that might have previously been written off purely due to their lack of data center experience, when, in fact, the CCAM can highlight their strengths that might have been otherwise been overlooked. This is the first time a recruitment company has adopted the CCAM tool in this way, and I look forward to following their progress and seeing their on-going success.’

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