Business success is often linked to understanding and deploying the right technologies. From artificial intelligence and automation to line of business applications, it can be difficult to cut through the hype to understand which technologies are truly innovative and impactful. Once that is figured out, identifying the right moment to get on board is also crucial. Do it too early, and you spend energy without results. However, do it too late, and you will be left behind — a place that some may argue is where those just embracing cloud computing would now fall.

5G is one of the most hyped technologies in edge computing and cloud data management. For good reason: It offers 10 to 100 times the bandwidth of 4G-LTE, which is important for applications that require transmission of large amounts of data and very small latency in the order of milliseconds. This means that on a 5G cellular network, you could download hours of video in a few seconds, and video gamers would benefit from almost no lag between moving their thumb and a character changing directions on screen.