PCB Piezotronics Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MTS Systems Corp., launched a single-channel DIN rail mount ICP® signal conditioner — the company’s first signal conditioner with digital USB and Ethernet connectivity for rapid setup and peak capture (with reset) for use in cyclic application data capture. 

The new Model 410C01 signal conditioner is easy to set up using an intuitive software interface and DIN rail mounting with standard 24-VDC power.  It increases data accuracy by providing a broad frequency range and a zero reset that synchronizes with machine cycle times.

Ideal product applications include force and strain measurement requiring peak hold/reset function, process monitoring of electromechanical or hydraulic systems (force versus time), and OEM machinery applications (crimping, pressing, bending, etc.). 

The new single-channel signal conditioner is supported by 200 Series ICP Force Rings, RHM240 Series ICP Strain Sensors, and 352 Series ICP Accelerometers.