WEST HARTFORD, Conn. — Legrand and Dasan Zhone Solutions Inc. (DZS) announced an agreement to jointly market DZS's passive optical LAN (POL) solution, FiberLAN, and Legrand's complete range of network connectivity, physical support, and power and thermal management solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, Legrand and DZS are targeting the smart building market with a complete solution set that is designed to provide end customers with the infrastructure and equipment needed to deploy a full POL solution.

FiberLAN delivers comprehensive connectivity for any LAN requirement. Legrand's portfolio of data infrastructure solutions includes complete end-to-end solutions with a range of connectivity, physical infrastructure, power management, and cable management solutions for the data center and building network environments.

"DZS is excited to strategically partner with Legrand in this joint marketing agreement for smart buildings,” said Philip Yim, COO, DZS. “Legrand, as a global leader in digital building infrastructures, is a natural partner for the DZS FiberLAN solution. We both see tremendous financial advantages for enterprise customers to move to an optical LAN solution. DZS FiberLAN changes the game in the enterprise infrastructure space by offering a future-proof network infrastructure that unifies wired and wireless connectivity, including IoT- and 5G-enabled devices."

"By forming a joint marketing agreement with DZS, Legrand can strengthen its presence within the growing smart building environment and provide our existing customers with a preferred solution provider in the passive optical LAN market,” said Randolph Harris, senior product manager, Fiber Solutions, Legrand. “Legrand continues to examine new technologies and help customers realize higher performance and greater efficiencies within their environments."

For more information, download the POL data sheet.