DALLAS — Mimecast Limited announced its first North American Cyber Resilience Summit to be held in Dallas from Oct. 28-30.  The theme is “Resilience Now. Resilience Together™” and will bring together public and private IT and information security leaders, Mimecast customers and partners, and global experts. Attendees of the summit will experience hands-on, knowledge-transfer sessions focused on key cybersecurity and cyber-resilience issues affecting modern organizations.

In addition to knowledge sharing and building on key skills and certifications, attending the summit provides the opportunity to network, better understand how to get the most out of your organization’s security ecosystem, and align IT and security teams to create robust resilience strategies.

“Organizations struggle with planning for and achieving a level of cyber resilience to help combat disruption to their business,” said Peter Bauer, chief executive officer at Mimecast. “This disruption comes in many forms: malicious and criminal intent, technology failure, and human error. It’s a triple threat that makes the jobs of IT and security professionals very difficult, as they must understand not only how to avoid disruption, but also how to withstand it when it inevitably occurs.”

Research shows that the average number of security tools in an enterprise is approximately 75. Tracks during the Cyber Resilience Summit will address the complexities this brings and the ineffi­ciencies, ineffectiveness, and risk that causes.

“We recently hosted a Cyber Resilience Summit in South Africa ,d it was a tremendous success — seeing an attendance of almost 1,000 IT and security professionals,” Bauer said. “We want to bring that same level of excitement and dedication to achieve something great across the globe. We’re hosting the next Cyber Resilience Summit in Dallas to bring together top minds to discuss how resilience is also something that comes in many forms. Our speakers will tell stories of unimaginable challenges they have overcome, inspiration they’ve drawn from their experiences, and the opportunities that have been presented to them. We will all come together to learn from each other to help build a more resilient world.”

Keynote speakers at the North American Cyber Resilience Summit include:

  • Art Coviello Jr, venture partner at Rally Ventures and former executive chairman of RSA, the security division of Dell Technologies
  • Mick Ebeling, CEO of Not Impossible Labs
  • Ryan Stramrood, extreme adventurer and ice swimmer
  • Peter Bauer, CEO of Mimecast
  • Christina Van Houten, chief strategy officer of Mimecast
  • Janet Levesque, senior vice president, Systems, Resilience and Security

During the event, more than 50 breakouts will be led by Mimecast experts, customers, partners, and industry thought leaders

For more information or to register, visit www.cyberresiliencesummit.com.