The enormous demand for data storage is driving exponential data center growth in markets around the globe. Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things/Industrial Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT), virtualization, the cloud, e-commerce, mobile communications, and social media all depend on the proper and swift handling of vast amounts of data. It is estimated that 24 billion IoT devices will exist worldwide by 2020. Connecting people and things — from cars to home appliances — significantly impacts the amount of data produced and changes how today’s data centers operate.

When it comes to ensuring that data is always available, mega/hyper-scale data centers and smaller distributed data centers such as colocation providers all have one thing in common. The power protection infrastructure needs to be reliable, scalable, and use the smallest amount of space possible; all with optimum energy efficiency. According to a report from Research And Markets, “The global data center construction market will grow to $89.9 billion in 2027 (from 44.1 billion in 2018). The demand of the data center construction market is largely influenced by the rise in demand of green/energy efficient data centers, which are designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency and decrease the environmental impact.”