CaaB has recently become part of the Equinix marketplace community, allowing any MSP, VAR, or hosting provider to add white-labeled cloud offerings to their customers within a day.

Equinix is hosting five out of the 13 CaaB data centers – including New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt, allowing MSPs to choose the location that simplifies compliance, security, and regulatory requirements.

Using the Equinix global network, CaaB partners’ customers can quickly select, deploy and connect virtual network services at the edge in minutes, without additional space, power, hardware or equipment.

“CaaB has not only proven to be much more cost-effective, its breadth of options helps us sell our services,” explained Miguel Ribeiro, co-owner and sales leader of VBS IT Services, an MSP and CaaB client in Canada. “CaaB comes with compliance documents that show the safety of the server and the due diligence that CaaB does relating to security and service, conforming to all local statutes. Our customers are very pleased that their data is stored and secured locally.”

Each company is assigned one server, which functions as the main controller. There are secure connections, user authentication, file sharing, and management; database programs run swiftly on the server. CaaB offers “virtual workstations” - cloud-based with all software easily accessible anywhere by laptop or Mac.

CaaB delivers unique services:

· Unlimited bandwidth, which means no billing surprises for clients

· No training or certification requirements for the vendor

· Direct “pipes” to the data center for real-time connectivity, backup, and redundancy

· 4TB of SSD storage at no additional cost right out of the box

By being colocated within the Equinix environment, CaaB benefits from economies of scale when it comes to offering redundancy, performance, and reliability. The Equinix facilities provide high-power density deployments and fast interconnection and traffic exchange.

With the CaaB white-labeled cloud, service providers benefit from a reliable global network delivering 99.99% guaranteed uptime and no single point of failure with the VMware-based infrastructure. The strong network and interconnection base decreases latency, while improving performance and reliability of content delivery.

The combination of Equinix and CaaB delivers significant benefits such as:

· Exceptionally high levels of physical security: 24x7 onsite security officers, biometric readers in common areas, motion detection, and CCTV surveillance with 90 days of video retention

· Extreme reliability: Equinix data centers have an industry-leading, high-availability uptime track record of >99.9999% uptime globally

· Specific certifications and sustainability: ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001, PCI DSS, SOC 1 TYPE II & SOC 2 TYPE II

· Dependable power and cooling facilities: Two utility feeders, UPS redundancy N+1, standby power configuration 10x 3,250 kVA diesel generators, standby power redundancy N+1, and geothermal cooling with redundancy N+1 and N+ 20% on CRAC units.

The individual, geolocated data centers provide their own advantages:

· The Equinix NY facility enables companies to interconnect directly to customers and partners in their digital supply chain and choose from 125+ network service provides. The site delivers low-latency connectivity to DirectEdge, CBOE, ICAP, Knight Capital, ISE, and BOX.

· Within the CaaB-Equinix Toronto data centers, customers connect equipment to one another or to their own infrastructure within the Equinix Toronto metro. Meanwhile, it’s close to the U.S. border, expanding business continuity and disaster recovery operations

· In Hong Kong customers can choose from 85+ network service providers and interconnect directly to other customers and partners. The site is close to submarine cable landing stations and has a low latency, private connection to entrenched financial services firms.

· Frankfurt customers can choose from a broad range of network services from 310+ providers, and they can interconnect directly to customers and partners in their digital supply chain. It’s the aggregation point for networks serving five continents, with one of Europe’s highest network densities.

· The Amsterdam site allows for private, direct connectivity to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud for optimized security and low latency at the digital edge as well as cross-connection with AMS-IX, one of the world’s largest internet exchanges.