Siemon has expanded its comprehensive offering of WheelHouse Advanced Data Center Solutions with new multi-compartment colocation cabinets and the V-Lock™ Cabinet Door Security System.

Available in 600mm (24 in.) and 800mm (31.5 in.) widths and in 1000mm (40 in.) and 1200mm (48 in.) depths, Siemon’s multi-compartment cabinets come in 2-, 3- or 4-compartment configurations and in 42U, 45U, 48U and 52U heights.

These multi-compartment cabinets ensure separate and secure tenant compartments with dedicated lockable front and rear doors, tamper-resistant side panels and sealed cable management channels that are only accessible to the individual compartment to eliminate any sharing of cable entry or exit points. Each compartment also features PDU mounting brackets, ground connection, and front and rear mounting rails with U space markings.

Siemon’s multi-compartment colocation cabinets are extremely robust with up to 1500 kb (3300 lb.) load rating, and they offer a wide range of door options including 77% mesh, solid, plexi or solid with exhaust fans for thermal efficiency.

In addition to the colocation cabinet, Siemon is pleased to announce the new V-Lock™ Cabinet Security System. Available for use on any Siemon cabinet or as a retrofit to single-hinge doors, V-Lock is a comprehensive hardware and software system that delivers superior cabinet-level access control, enabling improved security and compliance with privacy regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FIPS and GDPR. The system supports multiple or standalone cabinets, and handle options include electronic, low-frequency and high-frequency card access, biometric fingerprint and PIN access options that eliminate the use of unsecure cabinet keys. The IP-based V-Lock system is administered via a server-based software platform used to establish user and group access permissions, provide real-time monitoring and maintain extensive logs of events for auditing and compliance regulations.