The Cat® XQ230 is a 60 Hz mobile diesel generator set rated at 182 kW (227.5 kVA) that meets Tier 4 Final emission standards for prime operation set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Eleven percent smaller than the previous model, the Cat XQ230 generator set delivers additional power in a smaller footprint.

The Cat XQ230 generator set has been engineered to operate at lower noise levels than competitive packages. This generator set is equipped with rental-ready features including heaters, a battery charger and a permanent magnet generator (PMG). An optional 600V generator is available, giving the operator ultimate flexibility with a single generator set capable of producing power at 600V, 480V, 240V and 208V. Caterpillar’s diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration strategy ensures seamless operation even at low loads or in cold weather without the need to add additional components, cost or complexity. Regeneration is transparent to the operator and the unit does not need to be taken offline.

The Cat XQ230 is equipped with the standard EMCP 4.2B control panel. A user-friendly interface allows for engine and generator monitoring and control. Automatic paralleling controls are available with the optional EMCP 4.4. In addition, Cat® Connect technology is available to track and manage the machine remotely by collecting data and reporting on asset performance, run hours, fuel consumption, maintenance needs, and other statistics. This timely information allows customers to better control costs, improve performance and reduce risks.