T5 Construction Services (T5CS), a subsidiary of T5 Data Centers, has announced a strategic partnership with Cherry Street Energy to provide construction services for Cherry Street’s commercial solar array portfolio. With this partnership, T5CS continues to expand its green energy service-line and renewable energy expertise, attributes that will crossover to T5’s core data center development business.

Since the division was established in 2014, T5CS has performed construction services for mission critical facilities throughout North America, including turnkey data hall construction, facility upgrades, equipment procurement, project management and consulting, and green energy projects. T5CS currently operates in 39 states and has completed 200+ mission-critical projects across the US. 

“We’re excited to partner with Cherry Street Energy and develop T5’s leadership position in the green energy initiative sweeping the mission critical industry,” said Robbie Sovie, Executive Vice President, Development & Construction, for T5. “The solar industry has come a long way over the last five years; the systems have become more efficient economically, and the footprint efficiency has also improved allowing more watts-per-square-foot in a given area. We anticipate green energy will continue to expand within the mission-critical sector. We’re very excited to support Cherry Street Energy, and additional clients as we implement solar solutions across North America.”