Melissa Chambal, technical manager, CNet North America, has been named as a member of the 7x24 Exchange mentoring team, joining the 7x24 Exchange Mentoring Program.

Chambal is pleased to become a 7x24 Exchange mentor, to share her knowledge, skill set and 30 years of network infrastructure and data center industry experience with those just starting out in the industry, with the aim to help them grow and advance their careers.

7×24 Exchange International is a not-for-profit organization that provides an educational forum focusing on challenges faced by data center, IT, and mission critical professionals. 7x24 Exchange has created the Mentor/Protégé Program to provide students and early career professionals with opportunities to receive meaningful 1-on-1 career guidance from a practicing industry professional. Conversations within this program may center on career goals and aspirations, competency improvement and sharing of general knowledge of the mission critical operations field.

A 7x24 Exchange mentor is responsible for encouraging and empowering learners by providing valuable skills and guidance. The aim of the program is for those established within the data center industry to help inspire and help new professionals starting their career with first-hand knowledge, skills and advice. By giving their skills and advice, the mentors also gain a rewarding experience in helping others.

Mentors must be committed to mentor one to two protégés per academic year with frequent communication with the learners to engage with them during the semester-long program.

Chambal has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of data centers and network infrastructure. She joined CNet Training in 2013 where she delivers CNet’s core data center technical education programs. She also contributes to technical development on current and new programs and represents CNet at the TIA Technical Committee for TIA Standards.

 “I am an advocate of ‘paying it forward’ and helping professionals as I was helped by others when I first entered the industry. Providing support, insight and 30 years’ experience to an individual who is looking to break in or continue to grow in this industry is a privilege and an honor. I am looking forward to understanding what the challenges are and working with an individual to develop a strategy or strategies that can help or work to overcome any challenges allowing continued success and hopefully make a difference in shaping the next generation of mission-critical professionals,” said Chambal.