AFL is expanding its single jacket ADSS portfolio with the introduction of a new configuration for the Flex-Span ADSS family of fiber optic cable. Flex-Span designs are optimized for a broader combination of fiber counts and span lengths, providing ADSS system designers more flexibility in their product selection.

Flex-Span’s new core configuration contains five buffer tubes with 24 fibers each for a total of 120 fibers. This allows higher fiber counts in a very small diameter (<0.475”) while still maintaining the span length capability. A smaller diameter can lead to less loading on the poles while also providing the same hardware size.

Flex-Span ADSS requires no support or messenger wire so installation is achieved in a single pass. The cable is suitable for use on distribution lines and necessitates using formed wire dead ends. Flex-Span utilizes dry core technology and as a result, messy flooding compounds are not used.

Fiber counts for Flex-Span ADSS are 12 up to 144 with any type or combination of single-mode or multimode fibers within the cable. Operating temperature spans from 40˚C to +70˚C. Pole-to-pole span lengths range from 50 feet (15 meters) to over 1,000 feet (305 meters).