NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) has announced it would develop a new data center campus at Bekasi, Indonesia. The new campus will be known as “Indonesia Jakarta 3 Data Center” (JKT3) and is capable of up to 18,000 sqm (7,800 racks) IT space and 45MW IT load once fully developed. This is the first project of NTT Global Data Centers (GDC), established to strengthen data center business.

In Indonesia, demand has been booming, triggered by the use of Data centers by financial institutions based on the Indonesian government order (*1). In addition, there is a strong demand from OTTs (*2) which targeting the largest population in Southeast Asia (the fourth largest in the world). Thanks to these market trends, the annual growth rate of the data center market is above 21%.

This four-story data center campus will be in a large industrial area located 30km east of central Jakarta. Since JKT3 enables customers to customize its server room as well as providing colocation space by the rack, JKT3 will meet various customer’s requirements, in particular, from OTTs and financial institutions who require flexible facility design.

Highly reliable and scalable facility 
JKT3 meets NTT Com’s globally consistent “Nexcenter™” (*3) Data Center Standards which consist of more than 300 or more items, and by adopting the industry's highest level of highly reliable and highly efficient facilities. JKT3 has two power plants to supply electricity by two different routes. Power facilities in data centers, power supplies for air conditioning and security, and communication facilities are all redundant, so JKT3 meets customers’ demand in terms of reliability. In addition, modular building systems fit customers’ preferences, which using data center spaces flexibly in line with its business expansion.

Strict operation and security measures 
In JKT3, NTT Com provides standardized operation processes, including monitoring IT infrastructure in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure the stable operation regarding a customer’s IT system.

Excellent network environment 
In the data center building, NTT Com designs to install major careers' cables by different routes. Customer will also receive benefits from various network services, such as connection with major IX (*4) provided from JKT2 through data center connection, high-speed, large-capacity IP communication service "Global IP Network," and high-quality, high-reliability VPN service "Arcstar Universal One." This excellent network environment enables a customer to design its IT system with carrier neutrality and to create a vertical ICT environment that combines multiple cloud services, including NTT Com data centers and other companies' services around the world.


*1:    The Electronic Commerce Act (Law No. 11 of 2008) and related regulations “The 82nd Ordinance of the Year 2012 (Presidential Decree)” are enforced in Indonesia. According to these regulations, operators who manage public data (customer information) must use domestic data center by October 2017. In addition, an amendment to the 82nd Ordinance (Presidential Decree) was submitted to the government in February 2019, and it is expected that operators need to store customer data in domestic data centers or overseas ones.

*2:    Abbreviation of Over the Top, Operators that provide content services such as video and audio through the internet other than telecommunications carrier

*3:    Nexcenter™ is a data center service brand of NTT Com. NTT Com provides high-quality data center services in more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

*4:    Abbreviation of Internet Exchange, an interconnection point on the Internet that connects multiple Internet service providers