FiberLight, LLC has announced new standard pricing for dark fiber on its newly constructed and diverse fiber ring connecting Washington D.C. and Ashburn, VA — also known as ‘data center alley.’ FiberLight’s private dark fiber network, originally announced in January 2018, provides local companies including health care, government organizations, and educational institutions the ability to future-proof their network and data center operations with low latency, scalable, and virtually unlimited bandwidth 

Dark fiber offers flexible, owner-managed options for companies that want privacy as well as security in their network infrastructure. FiberLight’s new standard pricing is offered for up to three pairs of fiber and is available to over 750 on-net locations throughout Ashburn. The 1728-count fiber, known as ultra-high-fiber-count (UHFC), built in Ashburn’s ring six is designed specifically for data center applications and allows high fiber density and mass fusion splicing, answering the demand required by cloud computing for increased transmission capacity. FiberLight’s dark fiber gives organizations the ability to own, build, expand, and control networks faster than building new fiber routes, and fulfills the need for continuous bandwidth growth at predictable costs.

“With diverse, high-count dark fiber and the ability to offer standard pricing, data centers, network operators, enterprises, and partners in ‘data center alley’ will enjoy robust, cost-effective networks,” comments Marc Dyman, chief revenue officer of FiberLight. “Businesses tired of dealing with costs for each incremental lit service update and waiting on service providers to make changes will now be able to take control of their networks.”

FiberLight designs, builds, monitors, and maintains communication networks in some of the country’s most rapidly growing areas, ensuring even the most mission-critical applications are secure. For network companies, large enterprise, and up-the-stack partners who are looking for lower, more predictable costs than lit fiber options, this opportunity dramatically improves their network performance, control, and scalability. FiberLight offers flexible dark fiber financing options to purchase in a way that is most beneficial to the client’s business, including flat-rate pricing on a leased assets without fee accelerations during the committed term.