KOHLER’s APM603 is an Advanced Power Management (APM) controller for industrial generators, which provides intuitive control, system monitoring, and system diagnostics for single generators or as many as eight units installed in parallel. The controller also supports load management to ensure critical loads are always powered and allows for generator management where multiple units in parallel can be turned on and off as load demands dictate.

The APM603 – which meets NFPA 110 Level 1 requirements – interfaces the generator to other power system equipment and network management systems using standard industry network communications. The new controller also integrates a patented hybrid voltage regulator and unique software logic to manage alternator thermal overload protection as well as serve as an overcurrent protective device. Obtaining all these features would typically require additional hardware and costs.

Numerous features enhance ease-of-use and system troubleshooting. The APM603 supports Modbus™ protocol through serial bus and Ethernet networks and supports SNMP and BACnet™ through Ethernet*. SnapShot is another unique feature allowing for the capture of 15 seconds of critical data if a fault or warning should occur. This data can then be viewed on the controller or downloaded for additional review. The data logging capability allows the customer to perform custom data collection to support their reporting requirements and can assist with troubleshooting. For the benefit of U.S.-based hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers, Joint Commission (JCAHO) reporting is also simplified through the APM603.