Virtual Power Systems (VPS) has announced that it has been named an “IDC Innovator” for Datacenter Energy Efficiency and Resiliency in a new report. Companies named as IDC Innovators are emerging vendors that have demonstrated a groundbreaking business model, an innovative technology — or both — after analyzing their approach and ability to improve data center efficiency and resiliency.

According to the IDC Innovators report, this broad category includes solutions at the IT, data center or building facility level. For data centers, the focus is on technologies that optimize the use of energy to support resilient IT services, including alternative energy sources, breakthroughs in data center infrastructure management and AI-driven cooling optimization.

“IT infrastructure today is largely software defined or virtualized, which is the approach VPS is taking with its SDP solutions to improve data center energy efficiency,” said Jennifer Cooke, research director, Cloud to Edge Datacenter Trends and Strategies, at IDC. “VPS uses ML and AI to improve the use of energy in data centers while helping users understand how power delivery will be impacted as more servers and racks are added to the data center.”

SDP Drives Data center Economies and Efficiencies

Today’s data center operators typically waste up to half of existing power capacity, forcing them to over provision — and overpay — for power capacity. SDP provides much-needed visibility into energy utilization as well as the ability to reallocate power on-demand to data center racks, nodes, workloads or circuits. “VPS appreciates being recognized by IDC for our focus on using SDP to accelerate the design and operation of modern IT infrastructures with ‘power-aware’ workload orchestration,” said Steve Houck, CEO of VPS. “Our software innovations are driving significant data center transformations and efficiencies while supporting highly demanding IT loads and dynamic infrastructures, such as containers and edge computing.