May 23, 2019

Increased Visibility and Risk Planning Are Life Savers for Data Center Management

Schneider Electric Data Center Blog

Author: Kim Povlsen 

One thing you can count on when you are in charge of data center management: the demand for data will keep growing. Thanks to cloud computing and mobile applications, data centers expanded substantially in recent years.


May 22, 2019 ​​​​​

A Look at Liquid Cooling Use-Cases and How You Should Prepare

Upsite Technologies Blog

Author: Bill Kleyman

First of all, although this post will cover the concept of liquid cooling, it’s important to note that we’ll take a bit of a higher-level approach initially to better understand the market. With that being said, liquid cooling is a very real technology being leveraged by numerous data centers for a variety of use-cases.


May 13, 2019

Transforming Data Center Automation with DCNM 11

Cisco Data Center Blog

Author: Venu Venugopal

As Data Center application demands continue to evolve at a rapid pace, today’s IT infrastructure and operations personnel need to adopt fast-moving technologies with the same dexterity.


May 2019

The Data Center Staffing and Skills Shortage is here NOW!

Uptime Institute Blog

Author: Sandra Vail 

Sometimes it can be hard to get people to talk about their issues — other times, it can be hard to keep them quiet. A recent Uptime Institute Network member’s meeting began as an open discussion but was soon dominated by one issue: data center staffing.

The members’ concerns reflect the growing disquiet in the industry. Data centers are struggling to recruit and retain sufficient qualified staff to provide and grow reliable operations.


@RusselectricInc May 23

Aging #powercontrol and automation systems can carry risk, but it is extremely costly to completely replace these systems. The best solutions are preventative maintenance and aftermarket upgrades. Read more @Mcritical: 



@cyberODB May 23

Time to open Twitter and see all the stressed out computer ppl


@RittalNA May 23

Are you looking to increase your data center rack density to a localized cooling solution? Download our Colocation Handbook today to explore solutions.


@MichaelDell May 21

ICYMI at #RADIO2019 our @VMware team announced how we’ll provide data center operators with near-real time “carbon scores” — and recommendations for reducing this footprint — creating transformative technology to power a better future for the planet.


@intelnews May 17

Intel is powering one of the world’s fastest supercomputers used for oil and gas exploration.

@DownUnderGeo and Intel unveil ‘Bubba,’ the latest #DUGMcCloud supercomputer at the @Skybox data center in Houston:




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