EdgeMicro has successfully achieved two new milestones with the deployment of Micro Datacenters in three new markets and the expansion of its leadership team with the addition of Eric Bozich. EdgeMicro’s deployments will be in Austin, Raleigh and Tampa/St Petersburg.

“Thanks to the success of our POC program in Denver and partnerships with key customers, we will complete installation of our first production units in these three markets late this summer,” said Mike Hagan, CEO of EdgeMicro. “We chose these cities based on customer feedback, and, as we continue in our consultative efforts, we will be announcing additional locations in the near future. This is an exciting time for EdgeMicro, and our significant momentum is a tribute to the great team we have and the collaborative work they are doing with our customers.”

In addition to the Micro Datacenter rollouts in these three new markets, EdgeMicro is thrilled to announce Eric Bozich as the company’s new general manager. Bozich brings a long track record of innovation and achievement with 25 years of experience in telecommunications and the IT industry. “EdgeMicro has created the only viable model for edge computing at scale, enabling both wireline and wireless users to see improved performance from their edge applications,” said Bozich.

“There are a lot of models out there, but the ability to scale with velocity is what it takes to succeed. EdgeMicro was thinking about scale from the beginning by using the proven model of colocation,” Bozich added. “The key differentiator for EdgeMicro is the intellectual process the team has created around site selection and connectivity. The edge only works if the thorny issue of connectivity is solved for properly, and EdgeMicro has the right approach that will help the entire industry get to the edge faster.”

Prior to joining EdgeMicro, Bozich led CenturyLink’s efforts to create infrastructure solutions for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) that would support the MNOs’ connectivity strategy and execution plans, including long-haul, terrestrial and wireless access networks. In the General Manager position at EdgeMicro, Bozich will play a major role in developing and implementing connectivity strategy and partner development programs with MNOs, Mobile Service Providers (MSOs) and Fiber providers.

 “I’ve known Eric for quite some time, and he is one of the brightest minds in the mobile computing and infrastructure industry. His vision for the future of edge computing is bold, and he believes our model is the right approach for getting where the industry wants to go,” said Greg Pettine, executive vice president of business development at EdgeMicro.