Data Specialties, Inc. (DSI) has announced the release of its complimentary Data Center Report Card. This new tool enables IT and facilities personnel to quickly see a full picture of their data center setup and systems, while arranging a complimentary assessment by a DSI professional.

Analyzing actual systems — UPS power, air conditioning, cabling, monitoring, and reliability — the Data Center Report Card produces a picture of how reliable your data center is. By assigning ratings to these factors and understanding redundancies, reliability, capacity for growth, and other details, data center managers have an opportunity to review various scenarios and identify areas for improvement.

The Data Center Report Card integrates information from multiple elements within a typical data center deployment. As the effectiveness and efficiency of data center design and functionality vary based on size and layout, the Report Card takes into consideration the square footage and number of racks in the data center, as well as the kW per rack and tier classification. By grading your data center, the Report Card helps IT and facility managers benchmark performance. After filling out the report card and self-grading their data center, data center personnel will have the opportunity to schedule a complimentary assessment and audit with a DSI representative.  

“The Data Center Report Card is a useful tool for those operating the data center to understand the efficiency of their setup and operations,” says Phil Rafferty, co-founder and president, DSI. “Whether used to validate performance, estimate future capacity, or as the starting point for a complete assessment to determine requirements for a redesign or new data center, the Report Card is designed to provide a visualization of your data center’s functionality. As a self-rating system, its flexibility encourages users to think strategically about their existing data center and determine useful next steps.”