Evoque Data Center Solutions has announced that it is opening its data centers to multiple carriers. The move is expected to benefit both data center users and carriers by fostering competition and promoting more reliable and quality connections at lower costs.

Evoque also recently built dedicated Meet-Me-Rooms (MMR) in its 18 data centers across the U.S.; the MMR in the Redditch, England data center will be completed during Q3 2019. The number of carriers that will operate in each data center will depend on supply and demand. The expansion in the U.S. to carrier neutral facilities, combined with Evoque's already diverse international sites, will provide customers access to all the top tier service providers.

"We have 1,100 enterprise customers that have not had carrier diversity until now," said Tim Caulfield, CEO of Evoque, which was rebranded earlier this year when AT&T sold its data centers to Brookfield Infrastructure Partners. "Carriers understand this and are racing to be the first wave of new carriers into the Evoque facilities so they can sell to these enterprises.

Evoque currently has data center customers throughout the globe in a variety of industries, including content and media, government and education, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, technology and telecommunications. That customer list will most likely grow with the addition of multiple carriers.

"In this digital economy, carrier diversity is critical for data center customers," Caulfield said. "Being successful in bringing new carriers to our data centers will give us a stronger competitive advantage."

By providing an ISP marketplace of sorts, Evoque will facilitate better and lower-cost connections for its enterprise customers. Other benefits of these carrier-neutral data center include reliability and flexibility.

"We think it's critical to give our customers choice," said Caulfield, a 20-year information technology veteran. "A carrier-neutral colocation facility allows customers to connect their infrastructure to a range of bandwidth providers that can help improve the reach and performance of their business applications, while also enhancing protection of their critical data."

Evoque's new carrier diversity also opens the door for possible new product opportunities for customers, including:

  • Cloud on-ramps
  • Inter-facility connectivity
  • Blended IP services

"We are excited about offering a range of critical services to help foster our customers' success as we continue to build the data center of the future," Caulfield said.