DigiPlex has been shortlisted for the Hyperscale Innovation Award to be presented at the prestigious Annual Datacloud Global Award 2019.

DigiPlex has been named a finalist at this year’s awards in recognition for the cutting-edge transformation of its Fetsund data centre. The hyperscale ‘retrofit’, remodelled the Norwegian data centre, originally a single client facility, into a multi-tenant co-location facility, doubling the original server density in one of the server halls to be suitable for the greater needs of hyperscale clients. DigiPlex's technical and innovative approach enabled the works to be undertaken while maintaining full operational service for existing clients. 

Fetsund is a zero-emissions data centre powered by 100% renewable sources. In line with DigiPlex’s ethos of a valuable, long term solution delivered through exceptional sustainability, further measures were introduced to maximise the site’s green credentials. These included the harvesting and storing of rainwater for cooling and recovering low-grade waste heat to melt snow in external pathways. The facility additionally makes use of heat recovered from the data hall to warm office and ancillary areas in winter. The site also employs DigiPlex’s own Concert Control closed loop control algorithm, developed by the company to ensure optimal cooling efficiency.

The 12th annual Datacloud Global Awards, to be held in in Monte Carlo on 4 June 2019, recognise the teams, products, innovations, initiatives and projects that demonstrate data centre, Edge and cloud innovation and service excellence.

“A winning combination of local knowledge and world-class engineering expertise have together helped us build a compelling proposition to hyperscale clients looking for an innovative and trusted partner in the Nordic region,” says Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex. “As we have demonstrated at Fetsund, DigiPlex’s dynamic and expert team can deliver creative, fast, green and high-performance solutions which meet the demands of today’s most advanced global leaders.”