ASCO Power Technologies has expanded the capabilities of its ASCO 7000 SERIES Power Control System (PCS). ASCO has added Schneider Electric’s Modicon PLCs and Masterpact MTZ Circuit Breakers to its portfolio of switchgear control options. Modicon PLCs offer the following capabilities: 

  • Clock synchronization between PLCs and peripheral components that enables users to construct detailed timelines for evaluating power events and diagnosing power issues. 
  • Advanced diagnostics that can trace faults to specific I/O components and ports to speed troubleshooting. 
  • Standard Managed Ethernet Switches in Remote I/O Modules for establishing redundant PCS control rings without purchasing additional components. 
  • Connectivity to the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure environment 

All 7000 SERIES PCS can now be equipped with Schneider Electric Masterpact MTZ breakers. These units offer: 

  • Seamless connection to EcoStruxure Power, Schneider Electric’s platform for increasing electrical safety, availability, and efficiency 
  • Embedded Ethernet connections and a Class 1 power meter to provide comprehensive data to any building or power management system 
  • Digital Modules for smart connectivity, remote monitoring, and easy customization  
  • Standard Energy Reducing Maintenance Switches (ERMS) that mitigate arc flash risks 

Every 7000 SERIES PCS is engineered-to-order to provide the full benefit of more than 50 years of ASCO PCS engineering excellence for mission-critical facilities. ASCO 7000 SERIES PCS offers the industry’s widest range of power control capabilities. These systems can: 

  • Parallel standby generator and utility sources in low and medium voltage applications 
  • Synchronize up to 32 generators and automatically connect them to bus 
  • Parallel generators with utility feeds and renewable energy sources 
  • Use segmented bus to increase availability and connect multiple generators quickly 
  • Control 128 or more automatic transfer switches and/or electrically operated circuit breakers 
  • Measure real-time demand to add and shed loads according to available generation capacity 
  • Employ redundant control schemes to enhance reliability 
  • Prioritize loads to ensure the most important circuits receive power first 
  • Manually control the connection and disconnection of power sources and loads 
  • Execute sophisticated operating sequences to optimize systems for custom applications 

Facilities that install ASCO 7000 SERIES PCS get the most from their power sources. Users can parallel multiple sources to achieve sufficient power and to manage load demand to maximize the efficient use of generator capacity. Users can also parallel different types of power sources to optimize operations and reduce costs. Because ASCO has paralleled utility power with generators for more than 50 years, facility managers can confidently employ utility load curtailment and peak shaving strategies to comply with agreements and reduce costs. 

With ASCO 7000 SERIES PCS, facilities can add and keep more loads online. Standard and Dynamic Bus Optimization features identify maximum available bus capacity to add discrete loads and maximize generator usage. ASCO’s exclusive Load Latch feature enhances critical power availability by preventing unnecessary load shedding. Manual Load Controls provide operational flexibility for any circumstance. 

Users can specify a range of bus configurations to maximize performance. Single Bus, Segmented Bus, and Ring Bus help bring loads online fast and improve redundancy, availability, and reliability. ASCO’s premier PCS options offer enhanced system visualization and intelligent simulation from across a room or across the world. Unsurpassed system integration and available automated reporting streamline operations and reduce regulatory burdens. 

The ASCO 7000 SERIES PCS can be equipped with a range of value-added features from ASCO’s PowerQuest® product lineup. The 7000 SERIES PCS can interface with popular power and building management systems and works with the ASCO Critical Power Management System to provide unrivalled power metering, monitoring, control, and forensic analytics.