DE-CIX now offers direct connectivity to the Microsoft cloud service ExpressRoute in the German metropolis. Customers — such as internet service providers, carriers and data center operators — have, with immediate effect, access to the Microsoft cloud services such as Microsoft Azure through the DE-CIX DirectCLOUD service. Up until now, customers in Germany needed to connect to the Microsoft Cloud in Amsterdam. This detour is now no longer necessary with the direct access via DE-CIX Frankfurt. Alongside the Microsoft implementation of cloud services, there are more than 50 further cloud providers connected to DE-CIX. These include not only global companies like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, but also a large number of specialized and regional companies and niche providers.

DE-CIX operates Internet Exchanges in 18 metropolitan regions around the globe. The location in Frankfurt is the world’s leading Internet Exchange with a data throughput of more than 6.8 Terabits per second (Tbit/s) at peak times.

Background information on the DE-CIX DirectCLOUD service:

DirectCLOUD is an interface between Internet service providers, companies, and data centers on the one side, and cloud service providers on the other: Through an access at DE-CIX (access via a physical port) they are directly connected with each other over a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN). Access to many different cloud providers, ranging from niche to hybrid solutions, is therefore very easy.