1025Connect has announced that they have expanded their leadership team with the appointment of John A. Danko as director of business development. In this role, Danko will be responsible for the development of domestic, international and subsea carrier business for the 1025Connect interconnection and colocation facility. As a professional with over 23 years of experience in all facets of telecommunications and network neutral infrastructure, Danko’s critical insight will be integral to the company’s continued success and fulfillment of long-term objectives.

Prior to 1025Connect, Danko held similar positions at ColoGuard and Jamestown 325 Hudson LP, where he developed interconnection facilities, negotiated and acquired domestic and international business for the entity’s carrier hotel and Meet-Me-Rooms (MMR). At 325 Hudson, Danko was directly responsible for growing the MMR from zero unique networks to over 30, illustrating his proven success attaining customer opportunities for dark fiber, access and colocation.

“We are very pleased to welcome John to the 1025Connect team,” comments Frank Zachmann, executive director at 1025Connect. “As a highly-experienced and proven professional, he is sure to accelerate the company’s ongoing success as we look for new opportunities and continue to connect the digital economy.”

Danko’s addition to 1025Connect underscores the company’s continued commitment to redefining and adapting its interconnection facility. In January 2019, the company launched its ‘Discover the New 1025Connect’ campaign, unveiling its restructured management team and enhanced upgrades to its Meet-Me-Room and colocation facility. Danko joins the company’s dynamic new management team, curated to enhance success and invite customers to re-imagine what colocation and interconnectivity mean for their business. The process has reinvigorated 1025Connect’s operations, bolstering its ability to help customers and partners connect from North America to Europe via global subsea systems and terrestrial networks at the ‘Continental Edge.’

“I am excited to join the 1025Connect team and bring my experience to continue to drive interaction and opportunities for businesses that need colocation, interconnection and connectivity in the New York metro region and beyond,” notes Danko. “1025Connect has a great ecosystem and is involved with exciting initiatives, including the Continental Edge, which is currently providing some of the fastest connectivity solutions between two continents.”

1025Connect has established itself as a hub for domestic and global data transport due to the unique networking attributes of Long Island, which feature extensive submarine cable systems including the AC-1, AC-2, AEConnect and more as well as a variety of Manhattan bypass fiber routes. The company also functions as part of the Continental Edge, a best-of-breed holistic communications solution. 1025Connect’s interconnection facility also serves as the Easternmost peering point in the New York metro area connecting to Europe.