We are all familiar with the schism between hype and reality. For example, your favorite baseball team signs a hyped prospect who scouts are projecting will be “the next Mays,” but unfortunately, he winds up hitting more like Shirley Mays than Willie Mays and is never heard from again. Or the heavily-marketed “no paint” no-maintenance siding you put on your house has faded from a vibrant yellow to somewhere in the neighborhood of “off-white” after just one season in the sun.

Hype is the visions that dance in our minds of new heads of hair, a trimmer waistline, and investments guaranteed to deliver 25% annually. Meanwhile, reality tends to be more along the lines of a toupee that looks like a raccoon with the mange, relaxed fit jeans that unsuccessfully attempt to hide your love handles, and writing a check to Bernie Madoff for money you’ll never see again. We’re currently in a hype vs. reality moment in the data center business and — like so many issues these days — it revolves around the edge.