KOHLER is rolling out an 80kW gas-powered industrial generator featuring the company’s new 6.2-liter V8 engine. The turbocharged engine is optimized for generator applications and integrates durable aluminum cylinder heads with heavy-duty valves and valve seats. With the launch of the new KG80 generator, KOHLER now offers fully integrated gas-powered models ranging between 40kW and 80kW. These generators provide users with the flexibility to select the appropriate gas fuel source for a specific application – natural gas, LP, or dual fuel — and are ideally suited to a variety of settings, including health clinics, nursing homes, and educational institutions.

The new KG80 industrial generator is available as an open or closed unit and can be ordered with KOHLER’s recently launched hurricane-rated enclosure. This durable aluminum enclosure meets the most stringent and widely recognized Testing Application Standards (TAS) within the Florida Building Code for wind load and projectile impact. The KG80 also features the KOHLER APM402 controller, which offers a digital display and menu control for easy access to local data as well as seamless remote communication through standard protocol support for remote annunciator and building management system integration.

The KG80 is now exclusively available through KOHLER’s extensive network of dealers/distributors throughout the United States. A Distributor Locator can be found online here.