Datacenter People Group has announced the appointment of Bruce Taylor to the board of their U.S. subsidiary Datacenter People LLC. Datacenter People was founded in 2010, and with offices in London, Singapore, Dublin and Tampa, is now one of the leading firms in the search and recruitment of datacenter talent worldwide. Portman Partners, the Executive Search division of the group, is focused on C-level leadership and senior executive roles for leading firms within the sector.

Bruce Taylor, a researcher, writer, editor, publisher, and conference producer since the early 1980s, has been dedicated to the data center and cloud infrastructure field since 2005. Originally serving as a senior executive for the Uptime Institute, Bruce now currently works at Datacenter Dynamics, serving as an advisor for the U.S. and Canada-based business and a host of the popular DCD Debate webcast series. In 2016, Bruce founded DXPLANET 4.0, a boutique bespoke research and content provider covering the business of digital transformation and industry 4.0.

“I look forward to joining the Datacenter People and Portman Partners team as a Director and Strategic Advisor” said Taylor. “I can think of nothing of greater importance today than helping ensure the data center and cloud sector finds, secures and develops the right talent ready for the challenges of providing that which the future of the global economy increasingly depends. Every segment of the data center sector now faces unprecedented change and growth. Never has it been more important to have the right up-skilled workforce and top management ready for the challenge of ‘what’s next:’ in the era of digital transformation. Having the right people is now, quite literally, mission critical.”

“We’re delighted that Bruce has agreed to join us,” says Peter Hannaford, founder and chairman of Datacenter People Group. “Bruce’s deep experience and insight will strengthen our knowledge and networking capacity, and reinforce our position ever further as the leading recruitment firm in the sector worldwide.”

Taylor is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and will support the firm, providing advisory services principally relating to the digital infrastructure market in the US, Canada and Latin America. Bruce can be reached at