Liquid Technology has unveiled the results of its 2019 customer survey, releasing crucial customer analysis and industry statistics to the public. The customer survey covers a range of topics, including interest in market trends such as the cloud, attraction to other technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), tradeshow plans, and more. Releasing these statistics to the public provides valuable insights into the drivers and demands of businesses across numerous sectors, creating a helpful profile of the average IT industry customer to help inform sound business action plans.

As companies turn increasingly to cloud-based environments, the amount of unusable or obsolete equipment grows, making compliant ITAD services paramount. This wealth of client information ensures that Liquid Technology and other companies keep pace with industry concerns and provide the most critical services to ease business transitions.

Thirty-six percent of the surveyed audience (spanning a wide range of industry verticals, including finance, education, and retail, coming mostly from an IT background) reported having less than a quarter of their current infrastructure in the cloud. Yet, when describing their cloud plans for 2019, more than 63% note that their business will either definitely be shifting more to the cloud or will be looking into making a more considerable move. More than 72% foresee their company eventually having a hybrid cloud solution, citing flexibility, and reliability as the biggest benefits.

The survey also reports that the majority of businesses see security as their greatest concern when considering cloud solutions, and nearly half of the respondents forecasted the need to retire up to 1,000 pieces of equipment in 2019. Liquid Technology offers cloud migration strategies that include liquidation, e-waste recycling, and data destruction services. These can help protect businesses’ sensitive information during the critical asset retirement phase of cloud migration.

“The most difficult part of a cloud transition can be creating a compliant and efficient strategy to remove excess equipment,” states Richard Greene, Managing Partner at Liquid Technology. “Our excellent response times and customer service are what make us a trusted partner to our clients. Businesses can feel secure knowing that any time they want to incorporate a new infrastructure approach, they can pick up the phone and strategize with a real individual at Liquid Technology to facilitate success.”

As a leading e-waste recycling service provider, Liquid Technology’s complete, end-to-end equipment disposition services are e-Stewards Certified, R2 Certified, and ISO 14001 Certified to ensure all needs and regulations are met with unparalleled ease for businesses. The asset retirement process, when managed correctly, offers greater security, maximized ROI, and minimized business risk.