Vertiv has announced a new feature for the Liebert® EXL S1 line of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, adding Dynamic Online mode, which allows operating efficiency of up to 99% without compromising availability. In addition, Vertiv introduced 500 and 600 kVA 480V module ratings for the Liebert EXL S1. The UPS family is available now in North America in eight capacity ratings from 500 kVA to 1200 kVA, 480V. The UPS is also available in Europe and Asia Pacific in 100 to 1200 kVA capacities and a variety of input and output voltages. Dynamic Online mode is available for Liebert EXL S1 globally.

Vertiv introduced Dynamic Online mode to the Liebert EXL S1 to meet the needs of cloud, colocation, and enterprise data centers that cannot sacrifice any level of availability for incremental gains in efficiency. With efficiency up to 99%, the Liebert EXL S1 operating in Dynamic Online mode offers substantial energy savings over legacy UPS systems that average 94% efficiency, and even improves on modern UPS systems that approach 97%. Over five years, a 1000 kVA Liebert EXL S1 can save more than $230,000 over a same-capacity 94% efficient UPS system and more than $140,000 over a same-capacity 97% efficient UPS system.

While in Dynamic Online mode, the Liebert EXL S1 inverter can instantaneously assume the load and maintain the output voltage well within the IEC 62040-3 Class 1 specification. That means systems equipped with Dynamic Online mode can safely transition from high-efficiency (Voltage Independent) mode to inverter mode with a near-zero-millisecond transfer, thus providing absolute load power protection under virtually any input power outage condition.

The new models of Liebert EXL S1 are up to 40% smaller than competitive systems and designed to meet the reliability and flexibility demands of the modern data center. Redundant DC variable speed fans enable the UPS to support 100% load even with multiple fan failures. Various input/output options add flexibility and reduce capital and installation costs. As with previously released Liebert EXL S1 modules, customers can parallel up to eight units and leverage Intelligent Parallel mode to automatically optimize efficiency at reduced load levels.

The system’s touchscreen interface offers a status-at-a-glance LED light bar, customizable views and multiple security options, while intelligent controls ensure seamless integration with multiple Vertiv and third-party building management and data center infrastructure management systems. All sizes of the Liebert EXL S1 UPS are available with lithium-ion batteries, flywheels, Albér® battery monitoring, and LIFE™ Services.