H5 Data Centers has announced the completion of an HPC suite with Forced Physics DCT at its Phoenix data center campus. Forced Physics DCT offers a new data center cooling system that can drastically simplify the way data centers are built and operated. Forced Physics DCT uses patented JouleForce™ technology to transfer heat from computers into the outside air, creating an eco-friendly system that reduces cooling energy by more than 90% without using water or liquid.

 “The demand for high-performance computing has grown rapidly with emerging applications to support AI, medical research, aerospace engineering, and DNA sequencing,” said Josh Simms, CEO of H5 Data Centers. “To support these new technologies, mission-critical data center providers must adapt to the changing landscape. Forced Physics DCT offers a solution that can meet the needs of these innovative sectors.”

H5 Data Centers’ Phoenix campus is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art Tier III data center designed to provide industry-leading energy efficiency and security. The data center is located in the Arizona Technology Corridor and can total up to 180,000 sq ft and 20 MWs. The combination of Forced Physics DCT cooling and H5 Data Centers’ design can help to meet high-density compute requirements by eliminating the need for raised floors, liquid cooling, server fans, cooling towers and even air conditioners. The demo suite is equipped with 27 conductors installed in a 32-kW standard OCP rack. Inside each JouleForce Conductor, 3,000 patented fins create an accelerated molecular beam that cools IT equipment.

“H5 Data Centers was the perfect partner for our first data center installation,” said Scott Davis, CEO and president, Forced Physics DCT. “We are motivated to improve data center efficiency. The capability of isolating the standard OCP rack allows Forced Physics DCT to showcase energy savings and high-density IT cooling without the need to condition the air.”