Caterpillar Energy Solutions has announced the Cat® G3512 generator set is now EPA Certified for use in emergency and non-emergency applications at 1 g/bhp-hr NOx emissions with improved power quality. Rated for standby or continuous power at 750 ekW or 1000 ekW at 60 Hz, the G3512 is engineered to meet a full suite of critical market standards including NFPA 110 Level 1 Type 10 compatibility, and a UL 2200 listing. The G3512 series conforms to ISO 8528-5 G3 load acceptance criteria, improving transient and steady state performance.

“Our G3512 generator is uniquely engineered for flexible applications, where a single unit is used for both standby and load management operations,” said Mike Yohe, Caterpillar product development manager. “This generator was designed for maximum performance on low pressure gaseous fuel supply. The robust high-speed block design provides prolonged life of the unit and lowers overall owning and operating costs for our customers,” said Yohe.

The G3512 is ideal for load management and is suitable for office buildings, data centers, retail complexes, schools, government buildings, universities, and research facilities. 

With an updated package design, the G3512 is modeled after the diesel solution to minimize installation costs and commissioning time on-site. A high-power density 12-cylinder engine offers market leading load acceptance and transient response. Designed for reliability, this engine is built on Caterpillar’s legendary 3500 platform technology and features a robust design with steel pistons and a protection monitoring system.

Featuring Caterpillar’s EMCP 4.3 generator set controller, the G3512 easily integrates with building management systems. The expanded set of features also includes complete SR5 generators, gas train, package-mounted radiators, and simplified wiring connections.

The G3512 is compatible with NFPA 110 Level 1 Type 10 applications, where backup power is required for mandatory building functions such as egress lighting, elevators, ventilation or data equipment, among others. The G3512 generator set starts and accepts power load in as quickly as 6.5 seconds, depending on conditions at the site.