EdgeMicro has achieved a series of new milestones in the company’s growth, including the completion of a round of funding, the addition of a new vice president of sales and significant forward momentum with a number of customers planning nationwide edge rollouts.

“This is an important year for edge computing and EdgeMicro. This new round of funding, combined with our team’s work ethic and passion for success, will allow us to accelerate our company and achieve our business’ critical milestones. We will keep our heads down, use resources wisely and help our customers turn their edge strategies into reality,” said Mike Hagan, CEO, EdgeMicro.

EdgeMicro’s previously-announced first round of funding provided the company with capital to expand its team and install its first purpose-built Micro Data Center (MDC) in Denver. This MDC launched EdgeMicro’s Proof of Concept program, allowing marquis companies to qualify their edge strategies and assist EdgeMicro in selecting key geographic locations in support of their national rollout plans.

“There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in the edge market, but if you want to know what’s truly happening, we can look at our edge Micro Data Center POC in Denver,” said Martin Capurro, vice president and general manager, EdgeMicro. “Our team is working closely with partners and customers to test applications that are the last step toward large-scale edge deployments. Edge computing is no longer on the horizon; it is happening today faster than most people realize, and EdgeMicro is playing a vital role in its success.”

EdgeMicro has also expanded its leadership team with Jason Bourg, who joins the company as vice president of sales. This is a new role within the company that will work directly with major customers to plan and roll out large-scale edge implementations. Bourg brings to EdgeMicro more than 20 years of experience in the colocation and cloud market, holding past roles with industry leaders such as CenturyLink, AT&T and Terremark.

“5G, TV, movies, gaming, Cloud, SaaS, IoT — all are driving performance demands that are challenging for the current internet architecture. I wanted to join a company that is solving for these issues and creating a better experience for John Q, his 12-year-old son at home on his PC/gaming console, the remote worker, XYZ Enterprise, and the service provider marketplace creating the content,” said Bourg. “EdgeMicro is shaping the future of the internet, and you couldn’t ask for a better team of people to bring it to fruition. The culture here is laser-focused on delivering valuable solutions that help businesses succeed with speed, which is exactly what the edge industry needs, and I am excited to be part of this remarkable team.”