Panduit Corp. has announced it has been issued two patents for its innovation in fiber optic technology. The patents are for a hybrid optical fiber and copper conductor cable assembly (patent No.10-215934) and a modular fiber optic tray (patent No.10-215944).

The first patent describes an innovative connector and cable assembly that house both optical fibers and copper conductors and was invented by Richard Pimpinella, Daniel Host, and Jose Castro. “Our industrial customers are increasingly connecting and networking their manufacturing assets, and hybrid optical and electrical communications systems will be a key technology enabler in the future,” says Richard Pimpinella, fellow optical research engineer.

The second patent discloses an innovative fiber optic tray for use within Panduit’s HD FlexTM fiber cabling system, that allow users to easily modify supporting rails to accommodate different sized fiber optic modules. The co-inventors of the modular fiber optic tray are Thomas Sedor, Jerry Wiltjer, Robert Reid, Joseph Sanders, Joel Kwasny, and Bon Sledzinski. “With the proliferation and coexistence of so many data rates within the data center, for example 10, 25, 40, 50 and 100 Gb/s, customers are demanding highly flexible and customizable cabling solutions to meet their needs.  This invention extends our class leading agility and will help customers retain their investment across data rate migrations,” explained Panduit’s Tom Walsh, vice president, data center.