Combining reliable double-conversion topology, internal static bypass, and an easy-to-ready LCD menu display, the Eaton 9SX UPS provides the highly efficient and reliable power expected from a 9-Series UPS in a convenient tower form factor. Network, Modbus, Relay and signal input functionality enables integration into a variety of IoT and IIoT applications.

The 9SX offers the robust double-conversion, online power protection needed for medical, light industrial, automation and mission critical IT applications. With zero transfer time to battery, continuous filtering of power, and an internal, automatic static bypass, the 9SX ensures performance and compatibility.

ABM technology that increases battery service life by 50%. ABM uses advanced charging techniques to extend battery life and provides advanced notice before batteries fail.

By providing up to 28% more wattage compared to traditional UPSs, the 9SX allows you to connect more devices and leave room for expanding IT systems.

Automate power delivery by utilizing switchable, programmable outlets, without the need of a third party device or PDU. Programmable signal input through the RPO port also enables the UPS to change operating modes in reaction to external events.