EdgeConneX® has announced that it is providing strategic points-of-presence in ten key markets for Hurricane Electric. The agreement includes deployments in Santa Clara, Seattle, Atlanta, Toronto, Nashville, Detroit, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas with additional connectivity options, including 100GbE, 10GbE, and GigE ports and access to Hurricane Electric’s extensive IPv6 and IPv4 network. 

“We are honored to partner with EdgeConneX as we further expand our global backbone into multiple U.S. markets,” comments Walt Wolly, director of Interconnection Services at Hurricane Electric. “As early shapers of edge networking and illustrators of its benefits, EdgeConneX has been instrumental in bringing the ‘edge’ to its customers with one of the most comprehensive data center footprints. Hurricane Electric will provide expanded bandwidth and direct connectivity solutions to many customers at the Edge.”

Hurricane Electric is considered the largest IPv4 and IPv6 network in the world as measured by number of networks connected.  Hurricane Electric exchanges traffic directly with over 7,300 different networks worldwide, and is connected to more than 200 unique Internet exchanges globally. Content, cloud, and enterprise customers in these ten Edge markets will also benefit from reduced latency and improved traffic flow and efficiency for end-users dependent on the Internet. Other benefits include, higher availability, updated technology, improved customer and tech support and enhanced management and reporting, among others. 

“EdgeConneX empowers its customers to do more — to provide the most proximate offerings and in turn, the best possible service and support to their end-users,” comments Brian Bellis, vice president of network sales and ecosystem development at EdgeConneX. “That’s our edge. And it’s different for each unique customer. Hurricane Electric’s world-class IP network helps us to further deliver on our promise to bring the benefits of local network and edge data center services that are highly proximate to customers. Hurricane Electric now brings access to industry-leading connectivity options right to our customers’ front door, right to their Edge.”