AMETEK Powervar has introduced its 3400 Series UPS. The 3400 Series features advanced IGBT technology, superior performance characteristics, and a transformer-less design.

The 3400 Series’ space-savings footprint measures only 27.5” W x 32” D x 71” H, requiring minimal floor space. It is available in 80kVA/80kW, 100kVA/100kW and 125kVA/125kW to support data centers, medical imaging, clinical diagnostic instruments, municipalities, and other power-critical applications.

Utilizing three-level IGBT technology, the 3400 Series achieves a 96.3% efficiency rating (AC to AC), which leads to overall operational savings. Another key performance characteristic of the 3400 Series is its ability to withstand and hold a 300% inrush (current) and stay online for 240 milliseconds. By doing so, it is possible to downsize the kVA of the UPS unit in specific applications.