DE-CIX Interwire Internet Services Private Limited will expand its business activities to the Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai markets in the first quarter of 2019. With the Mumbai IX powered by DE-CIX, the company already operates the largest Internet Exchange in the most important Internet Gateway for the Indian sub-continent. Now owning a nationwide license for India, the IX operator adds additional local markets to its Indian footprint, which will allow key regions in India to benefit from DE-CIX premium interconnection services. The three new Indian IXs will run as DE-CIX Delhi, DE-CIX Kolkata and DE-CIX Chennai.

“We are delighted to play a key role in the effort to help India establish a world-class Internet infrastructure and also lay the foundation for Internet connectivity in India”, says Ivo Ivanov, chief executive officer at DE-CIX International. “Adding Exchanges in the Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata markets is crucial for the development of the Internet in these regions and we are happy to facilitate interconnection between national networks and international players”, Ivanov adds.

The expansion is in line with the growth of the Indian market in terms of traffic and user-base. The Mumbai IX powered by DE-CIX enjoyed extraordinary growth in 2018 and became the first address for international players for interconnecting in India. “With the Mumbai IX we have established the base for exchanging IP traffic for India, and have done so in India – instead of abroad. With our nationwide license and now adding Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai to our Indian peering world, we are taking the logical next step to exchange traffic much closer to the end user. We are doing business wherever we are needed”, concludes Ivanov.