AFL has launced two Fujikura new tension cleavers designed for fibers with a cladding diameter of 80 to 250 µm. Developed for adjustability for diverse applications, the CT-101 and CT-102 fiber cleavers offer superior tension cleaving performance beyond most other conventional cleavers.

Both cleavers are equipped with a new motorized diamond blade assembly. The tension is easily adjusted to meet the precise requirements for all fiber diameters in this range. Additional features include angled cleaving (0 to 15°), cleave counter, adjustable cleave length (3 mm to 40 mm) and dual power sources (batteries or an AC adapter).

Fujikura is well-known around the world for providing the industry standard in fusion splicers and AFL is the exclusive provider of these products in North America. AFL offers an extensive lineup of fusion splicers for specialty splicing applications.