Service Express has released their 2018 IT Priorities & Infrastructure Report. Service Express compiled the report with data collected from IT professionals nationwide throughout the year, outlining their data center priorities, challenges and infrastructure.

In the first half of the survey, respondents identified the top priorities and challenges they are facing in the next 12-month cycle as an IT professional. The top data center priorities included improving internal processes and collaboration, reducing IT costs and strengthening security and privacy. The top data center challenges uncovered were cybersecurity, cost reduction and addressing unexpected issues.

IT professionals were also asked to share their current and future plans regarding their on-premise, off-premise and hybrid cloud strategies. Respondents indicated why these deployment methods were being utilized, and the top driver selected was IT disaster recovery and business continuity.

Over 450 participants took part in the 2018 survey of IT Priorities and Strategies conducted by Service Express. Participants represented organizations of differing sizes and industries, and held a variety of responsibilities within their respective organizations.

To read the entire 2018 IT Strategies & Infrastructure Report, visit the website.