GRC (formerly Green Revolution Cooling) has announced its tenth year in business as the leader in immersion cooling for data centers. GRC’s patented ICEraQ™, ICEtank™, HashRaQ™ and HashTank™ cooling solutions represent the eighth generation of systems that significantly reduce the cost and complexity of designing, building, and operating data centers.

The first-generation cooling solution — the CarnotJet system — immediately established GRC’s technology as the most powerful, energy efficient, and cost-effective data center cooling system on the market. With 11 patents granted and 10 patents pending, GRC has become synonymous with immersion cooling for data centers. Its single-phase immersion cooling solutions have helped radically simplify the design, build, and operation of data center infrastructure. The ICEtank™ and HashTank™ container solutions and the HashRaQ™ blockchain immersion system continue the tradition of powerful and cost-effective cooling solutions, while driving company growth by nearly 500% in 2018.

“With millions of hours of customer runtime under our belt, we’ve proven not just the efficacy but also the reliability and longevity of our solutions.” Said Peter Poulin, CEO of GRC, citing some of GRC’s long running deployments that continue to deliver unmatched performance with the same system and coolant, even after multiple server refreshes, over their more than eight-year life so far. "The wealth of experience we've gathered translates into more mature products and solutions that reduce customer deployment risks and make their lives simpler. We are thrilled to have supported our incredible global customer base for the past decade and look forward to writing the next chapter of our growth story, as the immersion cooling authority.”

In July 2018, GRC rebranded themselves from Green Revolution Cooling to reflect the continued expansion of its product line. GRC’s turnkey data center infrastructure systems include power distribution, backup, gensets and other core components that further simplify design, cut costs, and reduce deployment times. Since the company’s founding in 2009, it has deployed systems in 13 countries, working with global partners in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and is continuing to grow its global footprint. GRC serves several industries including cloud, oil and gas, military, financial services, telecommunications and supercomputing, as well as new sectors such as high-frequency trading and blockchain, including cryptocurrency mining.

GRC has been awarded grants from the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation; and has twice won the Disruptive Technology of the Year award at the Supercomputing conference, a key industry forum for stakeholders in the technical computing community. For two consecutive years, one of its customers was named #1 on the Green 500, for being the world’s most energy efficient HPC data center. In 2017, the company was named one of the Top 25 Data Center Tech Companies by CIO Applications magazine. Customers such as Orange, Intel, the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) and the NSA cite significant energy and cost savings and attainment of sustainability goals, following their deployments of the GRC technology.