Vertiv has introduced the Liebert® DSE Optimization, an enhanced version of the water-free Liebert DSE data center cooling system that increases the system’s efficiency by up to 50%. The Liebert DSE is the most efficient water-free data center cooling solution in its class and has more than 6,000 installations. The optimization feature is available in the U.S. and Canada as a standard feature on new units and as a field upgrade to existing deployments.

The Liebert DSE Optimization is a new enhancement to Liebert iCOM™ unit controls used by the Liebert DSE. It optimizes the operation of the condenser fans, compressors, and refrigerant pumps to further reduce power consumption. For instance, applying the optimization upgrade to a 125kW Liebert DSE operating at 50% load in San Jose, California, would result in energy savings annually of around 27% per unit.

The Liebert DSE uses water-free pumped refrigerant economization, which has saved more than 10 billion gallons of water worldwide, compared to using chilled water systems. Water use across the data center industry is a growing concern for a variety of reasons, including availability and cost of water, maintenance and upkeep of pumped water systems, and concerns about the proximity of water to sensitive electronics. Data centers using chilled water systems use approximately 6.75 million gallons of water annually per megawatt capacity. The Liebert DSE is approved for use in California, to comply with California Energy Commission standard Title 24, Part 6.