A global technology manufacturer has selected Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. for data center colocation. Zayo will provide the customer with hundreds of cabinets in one of its U.S. data centers for mission-critical processes and data.

The solution includes approximately 15,000 sq ft of space. As part of the contract, Zayo will also provide dark fiber connecting the data center to the company’s offices.

Companies like this manufacturer rely on colocation for mission-critical elements of its business. Zayo provides multi-layer physical security, including biometrics, dual authenticated customer access and camera surveillance. In addition, Zayo adheres to rigorous controls that have been validated through independent audits.

“Zayo’s colocation enables our customers to manage and maintain their own equipment in our high-performance, highly secure data centers,” said Bruce Garrison, senior vice president of Zayo’s zColo business segment. “In this case, we are serving as an extension of the customer’s on-premise facilities with the additional benefit of providing the dark fiber connectivity they require.”

Zayo’s zColo portfolio includes 51 data centers in more than 30 markets. In addition to highly secure facilities with scalable space and power, Zayo provides its customers with extensive connectivity over its global fiber network.