Ruskin® announces the release of two new dampers as part of its TED50 line. The TED50V and TED50VXT are low-leak, thermally-efficient dampers with insulated extruded aluminum vertical blades. Designed for reliable performance in cold temperatures, each blade has a thermal break strategically placed between twin blade edge seals. This creates a neutral zone that eliminates thermal transfer and reduces the potential for condensation.

The TED50V features Ruskiprene™ blade and jamb seal material. The TED50VXT is designed to protect against extreme cold temperature conditions by using mechanically-fastened extruded silicone on the blade seals and ribbed-extruded silicone on the jamb seals. Both models offer extreme durability, thanks to circular integrated thrust-washer bearing made of Polycarbonate (also available in stainless steel).

The TED50V and TED50VXT have an R value of 2.16 (tested to ASTM C1363) and satisfy the leakage requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).