CyrusOne Inc. has announced the acquisition of 15.5 acres of land from Schiphol Area Development Company N.V. (SADC), a developer of high-quality business parks in the Amsterdam metropolitan area, for the development of a new data center campus in PolanenPark. CyrusOne will develop up to 360,000 sq ft with an estimated 72 MW of power capacity on the site. The land is located on SADC’s PolanenPark campus, approximately 10 miles west of central Amsterdam.

 “CyrusOne’s success is driven by our core team’s ability and commitment to leverage our renowned modular design approach, since it is proven to be the data center solution that provides customers with the highest quality data center product, in record time and for the lowest cost,” said Tesh Durvasula, president of Europe, CyrusOne. “We are excited to continue our expansion in the Netherlands in partnership with the SADC team to develop a state of the art data-center campus at PolanenPark for our cloud and enterprise customers.”

"For several years, SADC has been working closely with Amsterdam Airport Area and GreenIT Amsterdam to develop internationally competitive propositions for data centers. We are pleased to be able to offer CyrusOne a place and at the same time contribute to the sustainable growth of the data center sector and the digital economy,” said Reinoud Fleurke, area development manager, SADC.

This is the second major expansion announcement for CyrusOne in the Netherlands. In October 2018, CyrusOne announced an agreement with Agriport A7 for the development of up to 270 MW on an 83-acre campus approximately 25 miles north of central Amsterdam in Middenmeer.


SADC and foundation Green IT Amsterdam have been working together since 2016 on the development of sustainable data centers in the MRA. The data center at PolanenPark is built according to the latest standards and is part of the GreenIT project CATALYST. In the coming period, together with SADC, the municipality of Haarlem, the Province of North Holland, Waternet, Alliander DGO, CyrusOne will carry out research into the feasibility of constructing a heat network in Haarlem. To this end, the parties have entered into a partnership within the context of the MRA Heat and Cold program.