Green House Data has announced it will complete the Phase 3 expansion of its Cheyenne, Wyoming data center and headquarters by adding two new data center floors for a combined 7,500 sq ft of white space that will meet ongoing demand for cloud services and colocated equipment.

“The market has responded overwhelmingly to our managed services,” said Shawn Mills, CEO, Green House Data. “Provisioning additional power and data center floors will allow us to expand our cloud platforms and managed offerings significantly, while simultaneously providing additional space and resilience for colocation customers.”

The Cheyenne compute facility features a concurrently-maintainable design with at least N+1 redundancy for all power and cooling components alongside multilayered security measures. It is designed with energy efficiency in mind, using custom indirect evaporative coolers, energy saving UPS units, and mandatory aisle containment systems to achieve a design PUE of 1.14 or lower.

“We’re using lessons learned from the initial buildout and second data center floor expansion to inform our design and build process for the final two floors,” said Art Salazar, director of data centers and compliance, Green House Data. “The new infrastructure will provide additional efficiencies and resilience. The modular design allows us to expand and change the power routing, network, backup systems, and other vital components without affecting live workloads.”

The expansion construction will begin immediately and is expected to be complete within Q1 2019. Because of the redundant design of the facility, no client impact is expected even as new power is added and critical infrastructure is modified.

The completion of the Wyoming site expansion is the latest development for the Cheyenne-headquartered company, which has spread from an initial single location to nine data centers and cloud nodes across the United States, while also adding managed services across a wide variety of other cloud and IT platforms.

“Ultimately our expansions are all about serving the customer. Green House Data serves as a trusted IT advisor to our clients. We’re able to do so by leveraging a mix of our own facilities, public cloud resources like Azure, and hardware and software expertise,” said Mills. “By investing in our data center sites and our employees, we can provide reliable, high-performance IT platforms to organizations from all verticals.”