Sabey Data Center Properties has announced that Pilot Fiber, Inc. has selected Intergate.Manhattan, Sabey’s data center and carrier hotel in lower Manhattan, for Pilot’s significant New York market network expansion.

Pilot will join a roster of 16 carriers now with points of presence at Intergate.Manhattan, located at 375 Pearl Street.

This expansion into Intergate.Manhattan, Pilot’s 12th POP in the New York Metro Area, will reinforce its network and further the goal of providing more connectivity options to business customers.

“We are delighted to welcome Pilot, one of the nation’s most user-friendly ISPs. We are offering the lowest cross connect pricing in New York City, with no additional charges,” said Robert Rockwood, president, Sabey Data Centers.

"By expanding our network footprint within the Sabey data center, we're able to offer more scalable, economical, and adaptive connectivity solutions that empower businesses tackling IT infrastructure challenges,” said Christian Koch, director of network strategy, Pilot.

Sabey will provide Pilot with floor space, utility power, and cooling. While building out its data center from the building’s north and south Points of Entry, Pilot will take advantage of Intergate.Manhattan’s infrastructure, including its unencumbered roof-to-basement, 800-square-foot shaft ways for cabling and cooling installation. The shaft ways, known as “bustles,” can accommodate Pilot’s high-count fiber cables, which will be routed from the Points of Entry to the building’s 6th Floor Communications Equipment Rooms, located 96 feet above sea level.

“One of our unique advantages is that all the fiber splicing will take place on the 6th floor. Most carrier hotels have their splicing in below-grade floor levels. This was a fatal design flaw when Hurricane Sandy flooded Lower Manhattan in 2012,” said Daniel Meltzer, vice president of sales & leasing, Sabey Data Centers.

Intergate.Manhattan also offers Cloud on-ramps to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, provided by multiple carriers, including Pilot.