Vertiv has introduced a scalable, cloud-based management platform that brings advanced visibility, analytics and control to complex IT infrastructure, including large enterprise and hyperscale facilities and those at the edge of the network. Vertiv™ Intelligence (vIntelligence) delivers holistic, customer-directed visibility and control of the entire infrastructure through an easy-to-use app and online portal. It is available in the United States today and available globally in 2019.

Vertiv Intelligence uses IoT and cloud-based technologies to collect, analyze and act on mountains of data generated by critical infrastructure systems across the network, including uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, power distribution units (PDUs), environmental sensors and thermal management equipment. It distills that data and applies insights gleaned from IT deployments around the globe, virtually in real time, to overcome information overload and turn data into actionable knowledge. That knowledge can be used to optimize both performance and services across the network and throughout the life cycle of the equipment, enabling machine learning and artificial intelligence capable of transforming the data center.

“Vertiv Intelligence leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to enable data center managers to be highly proactive in how they operate their critical resources,” said Jennifer Cooke, research director, data center trends and strategies, IDC. “Built on years of experience, Vertiv has a deep understanding of the challenges its customers face in providing resilient and secure data centers. The holistic, bundled approach to transforming data center management provides data center managers a trusted way to ensure rapid delivery of service while improving utilization of resources.”  

Vertiv Intelligence is the foundation for a full portfolio of Vertiv software, hardware and services designed to bring unprecedented intelligence, control, and space and resource management to all corners of the data center and distributed IT infrastructure. The Vertiv Intelligence platform connects all Vertiv and third-party equipment, delivering unprecedented levels of visibility and control to optimize the performance of any critical infrastructure.

“As networks become larger, more complicated and more distributed, the ability to see across systems and locations and convert oceans of raw data to real, actionable knowledge is the single biggest advantage any organization can possess,” said Patrick Quirk, vice president and general manager for Global Management Systems at Vertiv. “Vertiv Intelligence brings that level of insight to the palm of your hand, allowing users to choose exactly what kind of information they receive, how and when they receive it, and what actions should be executed as a result.”

The vIntelligence app and online portal act as the interface for the Vertiv Intelligence platform, providing a centralized view of relevant data, alarms and alerts generated across the critical infrastructure. With the vIntelligence app and portal, users receive recommendations and notifications based on accumulated data and best practices. With that knowledge, they can activate responses remotely or set up automated responses to certain notifications, tailoring the output to meet the specific needs of the organization. The entry-level offering provides advanced monitoring and control, with available upgrades to add enhanced management and optimization capabilities and predictive intelligence. Secure gateways across the network safely manage communication between equipment and user. The Vertiv RDU 301 is the first cloud-connected secure gateway from Vertiv fully equipped to enable Vertiv Intelligence.

“We are uniquely positioned to deliver these capabilities because of the depth and breadth of our experience in this space, with decades of deployments and service histories across thousands of sites around the world,” Quirk said. “From Liebert® SiteScan to Vertiv Environet to the Trellis™ platform, Vertiv has a long history of innovation in monitoring and management solutions for critical infrastructure systems. Vertiv Intelligence is a leap forward, increasing visibility and control and adding a layer of advanced analytics to deliver the kind of knowledge that can provide a real competitive advantage.”