SurgGuard’s data center telecommunications equipment ground bonding equipment is suitable for data centers. Data center equipment is sensitive to electrical disturbances. While minimum grounding requirements are designed for personnel safety and fire prevention purposes, data center downtime and damage to equipment as a result of inadequate grounding can cost an organization millions of dollars. Proper grounding is the most important factor in reliable network equipment performance. According to the IEEE the typical AC third prong ground is almost never sufficient to prevent damage to network equipment. According to insurance industry data, improper grounding of communication systems leads to $500 million per year of damage to property and/or equipment due to lightning. TIA 607-C states that a computer room should contain a supplementary bonding network grounded to the Primary Bonding Busbar (PBB) or Secondary Bonding Busbar (SBB). Metallic components in need of bonding are racks, cabinets, ladders, surge protectors, cable trays, routers, switches and patch panels, each bonded to the TGB or TMGB using a minimum sized conductor of No. 6 AWG.  

The goals of the grounding system within a data center are to equalize electrical potentials and to create a low impedance path to ground. You want a grounding system that directs damaging currents away from equipment. TIA-942 requires each rack to bond directly to the grounding grid or common bonding network, directing current away from sensitive electronics.  

Each ground bonding kit comes complete and ready to ground a rack through a raised floor to a grounding grid or floor pedestal.  

  • Lug Options: Two-hole compression lugs of 0°, 45° and 90° angle options.
  • Lug Crimp: Each lug is crimped using a pneumatic compression crimping tools to ensure long-term integrity of the grounding system.   
  • Antioxidant: .16 oz. 5cc tube of antioxidant, to ensure a bond between the cable and the grounding clamp.
  • Cable: High quality 19 strand No. 6 AWG – THHN – GRN 600 Volt for increased strength and flexibility.
  • Standard Lengths: 24”, 36” and 60”. For custom lengths call (866) 631-4238.
  • Grounding Clamp: Grounding grid, pipe or floor pedestal clamp (optional equipment, purchase separately). 
  • Screws: Kit includes two thread forming screws each size; 10-32 x ½”, 12-24 x ½”, M4 x 8mm, M5 x 12mm, M6 x 12mm.
  • Captive Strip:  Each single lug grounding kit has a captive strip end for easy termination with a grounding clamp.


Lug Crimping

PDU Cables uses a pneumatic crimping machine that generates 14,000 lbf of pressure to guarantee a secure crimp on each lug to eliminate the chance of the crimp coming loose over time. A uniform process and the use of specialized tools allow us to make a quality grounding cable each and every time. That way our 100th crimped lug of the day is as solid and secure as the first; something that can't always be said of cables being made in the field.