DE-CIX and Russia’s leading Internet Exchange Company MSK-IX have signed an agreement to establish a strategic partnership. This partnership has the objective of directly connecting the two Internet Exchanges and offering the products of each operator in the locations Moscow and Frankfurt – the world’s leading Internet Exchange by peak traffic. The Moscow location will be marketed as ‘MSK-IX powered by DE-CIX’.

“We are delighted to bring our business to the ever growing market of Russia and build a unique direct interconnection in between our flagship IX in Frankfurt and Moscow. Through this partnership, we are creating optimal synergies for both companies — given that we can offer all products in both locations. There is no need for additional contracts, as DE-CIX and MSK-IX can each single-handedly deliver everything. As a result, customers in Frankfurt and Moscow have access to a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for our complete service portfolio, including products like GlobePEER, DirectCLOUD, and MetroVLAN. DE-CIX is therefore making interconnection and the availability of products easy for our customers,” said Ivo Ivanov, chief executive officer of DE-CIX International.

“We are pleased to announce the start of our partnership with DE-CIX. This cooperation will allow us both to better satisfy the growing needs of our existing customers, as well as potential customers, in both local and overseas markets. In recent years, MSK-IX has noticed the steady growth of mutual traffic between Russian and European countries. Following the interests of our customers and the market as a whole, this partnership could not come at a better time. DE-CIX has an impressive expertise and reliable reputation in the global telecommunication market. I am sure that the interconnection of networks of two of the leading telecom market players will create a significant synergistic effect for our customers. Moreover, this partnership will facilitate the main goal of telecommunications throughout the world — to bring people closer to each other,” said Elena Voronina, general director of MSK-IX.