Green Revolution Cooling has been awarded the Corporate LiveWire 2018/2019 Innovation in Liquid Cooling Award. The award recognizes GRC’s patented ICEraQ™ and ICEtank™ cooling solutions for its effectiveness solving the problem of increasing heat loads in data centers and as a technology-based product aimed toward providing a brighter future.

Corporate LiveWire invited over 90,000 corporate professionals, the general public, and their subscriber base to nominate organizations based on their achievements over the past twelve months. An independent judging panel reviewed the nominees and selected the companies and individuals that excelled in the technology sector.

“We are pleased to receive this award from Corporate LiveWire,” says Peter Poulin, president and CEO of GRC. “It’s recognition of the hard work of our team in creating a suite of products to address the increasingly complex and costly issue of cooling data centers.”

In July 2018, GRC rebranded themselves from Green Revolution Cooling to reflect its expanded product portfolio and its maturity in delivering data center infrastructure technologies that reduce complexity and save money. Since the company’s founding in 2009, it has deployed systems in 13 countries, across industries that include academic supercomputing, oil and gas, military, financial services, and cryptocurrency mining. As validated by its customers and the evolving data center market, the technology continues to demonstrate its reliability, energy efficiency, cooling capacity and environmental resilience.